8 Free Online Financial Education Courses

8 Free Online Financial Education Courses

Here you can find the list of courses covering the undergraduate as well as graduate levelsof knowledge. Courses cover a number of financial topics, such as:financial markets,finance development,personal finance, and saving for college. No academic creditis provided by these classes, however many of them contain more or less the same material that is presented in anordinary college course.

  1. Equity Finance, The Open University:

This class that lasts forsix hoursof graduate level provides instructionshow to raise finance through venture capitaland private equity means. References can be made to outside websites and readings, and questions are askedduring the lessons. International stock exchanges in Tokyo, London and Frankfurt are presented to the students, too.

  1. Family Finance, Utah State University:

When finishing the class provided by Utah State University, students there couldmake some financial goalsand plans, and at the same time study about financial topics and personal, or family values. Tasks, papers and additional material are also part of the course.may2whybudgetingisafamilyproject

  1. Finance Theory II, Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

This graduate-level course focuses on making informed business decisionsand the fundamentals of corporate finance theory. Students willstudy by reading and doing tasks that are concerned with financingandvaluation. You can find practice midterms and finals online. It is useful to take financial theory or have some knowledge of accountingandeconomics.

  1. Development Finance, Nagoya University:

Nagoya University is situated in Japan, andprovides free courses in that are in English. Students will learn policy iTips-When-Looking-for-Residential-Development-Financessues and theories that are related to development finance when taking thiscourse. Arecommended prerequisite to the course is development macroeconomics. Resources for this course are: a lecture video in Japanese, and English, as well.

  1. Financial Markets, Yale University

By joining this course, students will be able to take part inweb-based study groups and receive a discount on certain textbooks that are used during the class. Students will be able to study about financial institutions andthe theory of finance.


Financial Market

  1. My College Money Plan, Wichita State University:

The aim of this course is to give instructions to the students on how to select a college, pay for their education and manage their money effectively. One can use a document library with helpful information about credit reports, identity thefts, and the costs of college. Also, worksheets are provided to the students.

  1. Planning for a Secure Retirement, Purdue University

Modules, activities and additional readings and assignments are mainlearning means for these classes. The course‘s goal is to learn students planning a pleasant retirement.

  1. Investing For Your Future,eXtension

An eleven-unit course,called ‘’Investing For Your Future’,’ is an instruction for students on investment resources,investment products, and investment frauds. The course involves worksheets as well as a study guide, some learning activities and action tasks for students to do.iStock_FUTURE


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